Whitefish Point Harbor

After the Soo Locks we stopped at Whitefish Point Harbor. This is a harbor of refuge just to get off the lake, if the weather turns bad. Very bare bones, no facilities, power, or water. In the past there was a fish processing building here where fish tugs would bring their catch. Now a days there are just some small commercial Indian fishermen working the cold Lake Superior waters.

The big attraction is the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum about a mile away. After we docked the boat, Dorothy and I stretched our legs and headed for the museum. The reasonable $14.00 entry fee allowed us to enter the museum, keepers house and the lifesaving building. We have visited quite a few museums on our adventures and this is one of the best museums to date. the displays are presented nicely. The narratives are concise and convey the information well. The setting is somewhat reverent which is good because a lot of sailors lost their lives on Lake Superior. The self guided tour ends with a detailed account of the famous Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald in 1975. They have the bell and other artifacts recovered from the wreck. ( The Valley Camp Ship museum also had quite a few items from the wreck.) The museum also serves as the gathering point for the annual remembrance ceremony for family and friends of the lost sailors.

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