Belly Rub and a Ding

November 2019, Once again we hauled the boat out of the water at Saunders Yacht works in Orange Beach, AL after finishing the rivers. We did a routine bottom wash and inspection of the underside. Every thing looked good until we discovered a ding on the leading edge of the starboard prop about the size of a quarter.  There was no vibration while we were underway but we decided to have it repaired. The local Prop repair shop said they could fix in 24 hours. So an overnight stay in the boatyard was in place. We took advantage to wash and wax the sides of the boat, touch up the bottom paint and replace the sacrificial anodes.


Reconditioned shiny prop on the right.


Saunders in a Great Marine Yard to work with very professional help.

Sorry for the break in posting on the blog. I will try to get caught up over the next couple of weeks.



2 thoughts on “Belly Rub and a Ding

    1. Hi Bill,

      We are still in Marlin Bay Marina in Marathon, FL. We go out into public as little as possible. We have groceries delivered and a laundry service pick-up our stuff.

      Our plan now is to head north may 1st. we are going up the west coast of Florida and back up the rivers as far as we can go. Then we will have the boat transported by truck back to wisconsin and put into storage for the winter. With high water levels on Lake Michagan our slip at South Shore Yacht Club is not usable. We will start our adventures again in 2021.



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