Running from the cold and *SNOW*

Running from the cold and snow, YIKES


There are no snow shovels onboard SEASONS

Since this our second time around, we are working our way south down the river systems at a fairly steady pace. Our travel days are a little longer and the stops are shorter.

For the most part the rivers and locks have been pleasant with short wait times at the locks. Locking through with “Club Ed”.


Passing a large tow and barges


One advantage to the little later start this year are the fall colors along the shore line.  These  are the cliffs near Grafton, IL. This area is know as the winter home of Bald Eagles. It was a cold day as we passed and we didn’t see any activity.


The changing landscape rolls by and is very enjoyable to watch.

Some Marinas offer a courtesy car to use to run into town for provisions, etc. Most are fairly nice, but this van at Grafton Harbor was a bit scary. The headliner was falling down and the steering was very very squirrely. No real complaints though it was free to use.


Food highlight alert, for me this was a throwback to my childhood. When my Mom traveled out of town my Dad would be in charge of meals. I really liked fried bologna sandwiches with yellow mustard. This was on the menu at a little restaurant in Grafton. Smoked fried bologna sandwich, so I just had to have one and it was fantastic.


Sunset at Hurricane Island anchorage on The Illinois River.


The next photo was actually a sunrise from  several days ago. I wish it was just a little sharper. But the light cloud through the lens of the lighthouse is interesting.


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