Second Voyage

Blog Title credit to Jill for recently serving a bottle of wine with the same label at a neighborhood get together.


As you may have read in our last blog we are doing the Great Loop trip again.


We spent some time in Milwaukee visiting family and friends. It was great to see everyone and sorry if we missed you. We had a long list (4 pages) of projects to complete onboard SEASONS before we ventured off again. Dorothy and I prioritized them and finished most of the major items. Some of the big things were New dingy Lift system to accommodate our new bigger dingy, new freezer top, some varnish work, rebuilt the engine injectors, all oils changed, all filters changed (12), reworked anchor chain, Prop shaft coupler replaced ( this was a big project) and some electrical upgrades. We also checked off quite a few minor items on the list. It seems the boat project list never ends especially when there is so much to varnish.


A beautiful sunrise started the day. However the old sailor phrase states “Red sky in morning, Sailors take warning” so we were extra careful leaving the dock.


We left South Shore Yacht Club on a beautiful morning. Our parting photo and yes I am wearing shorts. It is the goal of the Loopers to wear shorts around the entire Great Loop, which means we have to keep moving with the warmer weather. I did not make last year and had to put pants on in Mississippi. The temp got down to 32 degrees.


Lake Michigan has been a bit rough lately, so we found a favorable weather window to head south on Thursday October  17, 2019. The Chicago skyline from the water is always impressive.


We are happy to be underway once again and headed towards warmer temps.

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