What is a Haweater?

Haweater is a nickname given to a person born on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. We talked to the the Dockmaster at Gore Bay Marina and even though he has lived all of his life on on the island , he was born off island and he can not ever be a Haweater. For a number of years there were no babies born on the island because there was no doctor or medical facilities, but now children are arriving on the Island thanks to midwifes assisting in birth. The name derives from the prevalence of hawberries among the island’s vegetation. Originally it was reported that early settlers got their vitamin C intake, and thus avoided scurvy, by eating hawberries.


This a jar of Hawberry Jelly we picked up at a local store. Its not a very strong taste, Maybe a little like weak cherry jelly.





One thought on “What is a Haweater?

  1. Originally, a haweater was someone who came to the island and ate hawberries. The original inhabitants were the Anishnabe who gave them the nickname Haweater. THe original definition is not what they claim it is now. It was defined as settlers who moved to the island that ate hawberries to prevent scurvy. So indigenous people gave them that nickname. They liked it at first but the definition still defined them as visitors when they were there to own and control. So the Haweaters themselves changed the definition to what it is today. Which is a lie. But they did it anyways so they can control and claim ownership of a place they never had right to. They use the term haweater to exhibit a fascist and king/queen ownership over those who move to the island. Walking around picking who is worthy to be called a honorary haweater. Because that is what elitists do. And the ones who aren’t deemed worthy? THey attack and sabotage and try to chase them off the island. And use their positions of power to grow their own wealth. The town CAO, Dave Williamson, created a numbered company for his wife to buy seized town lots. Then resell them for profit. It used to be three years and threatening letters to those who owe property taxes. He changed it to two years and no letters. THey seize property sell it make profit. The haweater way. But if anyone non-haweater did that oh boy.. the kens and karens would be shitting in their depends. Just a hateful group of controlling white people. THey are due for a reckoning which is coming very very soon. Let them defend their racist history. Its a white people thing. And its getting tiring. Now he’s hired many family members to take city positions as he got rid of longterm employees he has issues with. The mayor does nothing despite people taking issues. He just says he’s within his rights. Only municipality that allows an employee to use the city to grow personal wealth. Donald Trump anyone.


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