These are the letters you look for when ordering oysters. You won’t get them much fresher unless you meet the boat at the dock. The letters stand for “Slept in Bay Last Night”

We had quite our fill of fresh Oysters while visiting my son Greg in Oyster Bay , NY.  The stop over was something we had planned and anticipated for quite some time. He works for Oakcliff Sailing as a shore manager for their fleet of Swedish Match 40s. Dorothy and I had the opportunity to sail the boats in the Wednesday night series ( Dorothy and I, with our crew took first) and did a match race on Fathers Day. (photo from the web)


While we were there we also hauled SEASONS for some maintenance and inspection under the water line. Dorothy and I normally keep the boat fairly clean but we thought we would treat ourselves and have the hull and cabin professionally washed and waxed. We also took the opportunity to take care of the transom varnish. It took me two days to completely strip and sand the wood.



Another few hours and the first thinned coat of varnish was complete.


Launch day for SEASONS and we were off to explore the Hudson River and head into the Erie Canal.

Hell’s Gate bridge heading back towards New York. The East river Squeezes through here before as it joins Long Island Sound. The tidal currents can be very strong. This time we were fighting a 6 mph head current.


Sunset at City Island, Bronx, New York


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