Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, NJ

Just a few quick notes on these areas. We were kind of on a time schedule and excited to get to New York. Also, Dorothy and I had some weather concerns resulting in some longer travel days.

The Chesapeake Bay, it is possible for a boater to spend a lifetime on the Chesapeake Bay and never see every little cove and inlet.We managed to cover 240 miles in 4 days.

Dorothy was really looking forward to the first stop in Deltaville, so we could meet up with some old sailing friends Barb and Jay. We had a blast catching up and remembering past experiences. I even learned a few things about Dorothy I didn’t know before.


Next stop was an anchorage near Soloman’s Island called Spring Pancake. A large shelf cloud  moved over the area bringing strong winds and heavy rain. Fun to ride out the storm tucked inside our cabin. We did drag our anchor a little and towards a very nice power boat at a homeowners dock. This made us nervous for a short time. The safety option would have been to start the engines and hold ourselves in place with power.


Another aggressive day to Mill Creek Anchorage near Annapolis, MD. We could have stopped in Annapolis, but Dorothy and I have been there so many times for Sailboat races and boat shows we by passed. A short dingy ride to Cantler’s for some Blue Crab dip, delicious and watch the crabbers bring in their catch. They had big saltwater sorting tubs to size the crabs and keep them fresh.


The C and D canal connects the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays together. It was created mainly for large Shipping traffic. We stayed a night in a marina just off the canal.


Traveling on the Delaware Bay requires planning for weather and tides. There is no place to stop once you start the trip down the bay.  We covered 70 miles in 6.5 hours in fairly small waves the tide was going out for most of the trip which gave us a nice push in boat speed. Fourteen Foot Bank lighthouse is a house on a post, miles from land (photo from the web).


The trip ended at the southern end of the Jersey shore at Utsch’s Marina in Cape May. This is the first marina where they gave us a bottle of wine and goodie bag when we checked in.




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