Galaxi Coaster

We were docked at the city wall in Sylvan Beach, NY. After meeting and talking to several other loopers along the wall we all decided to have a dinner together at the Crazy Clam. Below are Avalon, Lower Place,


After a great seafood dinner we went to Sylvan Beach Amusement Park. Dorothy and I looked at the old all metal roller coaster at the back of the park. Well you know how those conversations get started. The next thing we know,  we had talked everyone in our group into riding the coaster with us. As we are going up the incline I thought to myself , I wonder when the last time this thing had a full load of adults testing the stress points. It was a fun rattling 2 minutes and we laughed about the ride for the next hour. You are never to old to ride the Galaxi Coaster.


A little video of our thrill ride. Its grainy, but thats how it was sent to me.

If you let your imagination go,  these clouds at sunset look a little like the bow of a steamship traveling through a red sea.



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