The Land of Shrimp and Grits

Early on I stated my quest for the best Shrimp and Grits I could find. This is becoming a daunting task in the Low Country. Dorothy and I try not to eat out all that much as we travel and everytime we do go out the restaurants all have their version of Shrimp and Grits. If I was a true devotee of my quest, I would never eat anything else on the menu. Also, I may have mentioned this before, the dish is very filling, high in bad calories and the portions are generous. So I am trying to moderate my sampling of this tasty treat.

So here are a few more entries;

Driftaway Cafe, Savannah, GA. The shrimp and sauce had great taste and texture, a bit heavy on the tomato sauce. The spicing was mild to a little heat, but good. The grits were frankly a little flat, not a lot of flavor by themselves. This one is not a contender for my favorite.


Lady’s Island Dockside , Beaufort, SC.  This one had fantastic flavor all around. The shrimp and sauce were soup like but good. The grits had the kind of texture and cheesiness  I like, a little soft and not grainy. I would put Lady’s Island in the top 5 of the ones I have tasted.

Forgot the camera, so I grabbed this one off the web.

Image result for lady's island dockside

High Cotton, Charleston, SC. A very high end restaurant in Charleston, so I thought they must make this Southern dish to perfection. I was some what disappointed in their creation. As you can see from the photo there were 5 shrimp and a few pieces of andouille sausage with some veggies. Sauce was light and mild. The grits were grainy and/or lumpy although the flavor of the grits was very good. This was the most I paid for the dish in our travels. Not a contender.


So the most memorable and my favorite of all the ones I have tried…………….. is ………….. Lulu’s in Gulf Shores, AL.

Lulu’s is still not the best in the Low Country, this I am sure of, so the quest goes on.


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