On The Move, Part 2

Next Stop, Belhaven, NC, a very small fun little town. 20190518_115526

Dorothy and Robin found Mr. Blue Crab.


I got both ears pinched in Belhaven.


Putting our guests to work. As saltwater spray drys on the boat all that is left is a salt crust all over every surface. Spraying a product call Saltaway melts a lot of it off just by spraying the solution on then rinsing it off. We still have to use soap, water and elbow grease to get the boat clean.


Sunset in Belhaven from our boat.


Coinjock, NC is known for 2 things; the monster truck “Grave Digger” and the Coinjock Marina’s 32 oz Prime Rib Steak.  Otherwise its a little town with 300 residents in the middle of nowhere. For boaters the marina is a key stop traveling up the east coast. We did not see the truck but here is a picture from the web.

Related image

Sometimes timing is everything and sometimes not! It just worked that we celebrated Dorothy’s birthday in the fun and romantic metropolis of Coinjock. I tried to talk her into the 32oz prime rib, but she knew better.  The 16oz was huge enough.


On to Norfolk, VA. We only spent one night at anchor across from downtown Norfolk. Fairly uneventful except when we pulled anchor the next morning. The windlass was struggling to bring the anchor all the way up and I soon discovered why. We had solidly hooked a 1 1/2 inch steel cable. Fortunately we always anchor with a trip line attached, so I was able to lower it back down and use the trip line to clear the cable.


Norfolk Shipyards. Just an awesome sight to pass by.


Right and Left handed Aircraft carriers???????????

Actually the ships were facing opposite directions.


We zipped through the Chesapeake Bay fairly quickly. A boater could spend a lifetime on the Chesapeake and never see every little side cove. We did stop at a couple of beautiful anchorages though.

Catching up with Dorothy’s old sailing friends, Barb and Jay


Pancake Anchorage,  A beautiful Shelf cloud made for a exciting evening. The wind kicked up to 60 mph and our anchor held great.


Sundown in the C and D canal. (Chesapeake and Delaware)


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