Georgia on my mind

These are some notes on the rest of our trip through Georgia.

After Cumberland Island we worked our way up to Brunswick, GA. This is a small left over boon town. At one time 16,000 workers were employed in the ship building industry. The company made Liberty Ships for World War 2 hauling personal and supplies. After the war ship building stopped and the area went into desolation. Today  it seems they struggle to find a an identity, tourism is a large part of their economy.

The marina was fantastic and full of friendly boaters and staff. We arrived on Easter morning and once we tied up several people invited us to Easter brunch. There were 50 boaters there with enough food for 100.

Side note; while we are traveling during the last few holidays we’ve never spent them alone. Thanksgiving was with a wonder family in Fairhope, Christmas day with boaters in Ft. Myers, News Years Eve with good friends in Naples, and Easter as mentioned above.

We enjoyed some bike rides around town and had a great breakfast at a local hangout, called Maggie Mae’s.  While we were having coffee, several policeman came in then a sheriff. A couple of law enforcement folks in plain clothes and some DNR officers. Everyone knew everyone. By the way the food was really good.

At the Marina there was a replica of the Columbus’ ship Santa Maria . It was a traveling display and educational tool. I took the quick tour, it was amazing how small the ship was. It appeared as if it was completely build of wood but upon closer inspection the hull was all fiberglass covered in wood and they did a nice job of concealing the twin diesel engines.


SEASONS our 42 foot trawler is in the foreground.


Sunset Brunswick


Wuhoo River Anchorage. No signs of civilization anywhere. So peaceful.




Full Moon Rise



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