Key Largo and heading North

After leaving Marathon Key and saying a good bye to our new sea turtle friends we headed Northeast to Key Largo Fl.  I flew back to Milwaukee to Moderate US Sailings Safety at Sea seminars in Chicago. Dorothy invited a few of her Girl friends to visit SEASONS for a long weekend. Most of them live in colder climates so this trip was a nice break from the cold.


Pam, Dorothy, Lori, Susan, and Robin had a great time on Seasons and in Key Largo.


After leaving Key Largo we are on the move north.


Over the next 5 nights we anchored out and covered 250 miles. Most of the anchorages were great. Its kind of fun dropping a hook 300 feet in front of a 32 million dollar mansion. The only activity we saw was the pool boy and a landscaper working.


The trip on the Intercoastal Waterway past Miami and Ft Lauderdale is filled with large homes and big yachts. Boats are required to slow down and reduce wake through this area which extends the amount of time we are on the water. But the sight seeing is worth it. This yacht below was parked in front of their mansion.


I had to stop taking pictures after a while, there were so many.


On our way North we passed Mar a Lago. Boats are allowed to pass POTUS’s southern retreat, but the US Coast Guard was not going to tolerate anyone veering off course. The machine gun with gunner in helmet and bullet proof jacket was intimidating. They shadowed us as we passed by. We gave them a thumbs up and did get them to wave to us.


Ok, a couple of more boat pictures from the Palm Beach boat show as we passed by.

We anchored near west Palm Beach and in the evening we had our own little fire works show just for us. Actually we think the show was for one of the private homes along the ocean side of the anchorage. Maybe a birthday or anniversary party for someone.


Check out the name of this restaurant, SEASONS 52, I am thinking we need to celebrate our 52nd anniversary here. We are at 30 seasons now. I hope I can remember the place in a few years.


And your sunset shot.


The next stop in a Marina is Port Canaveral.


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