Sea Turtles

While we stayed at Marathon Key we had a couple of encounters with Sea Turtles. The first was a Sea Turtle release at Sombrero Beach. When the turtles have been rehabilitated and are healthy they are released back to natural environment, the Atlantic Ocean. Dorothy found out about the release and we rode our bikes over to Sombrero beach early to get a good viewing spot. We had to wait from about an hour but it was worth the investment in time. In the photo from the local paper you can see we had a front row viewing.

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The Turtle Hospital in Marathon is a must stop. Take the tour, learn the history, and see the work this non-profit organization does on a daily basis. I had no idea there was such a need. They have returned thousands of endangered turtles back into the wild. The hospital treats turtles which are injured from boat strikes and fishing gear entanglement. Also sea turtles can have natural problems like tumors and gas build up that prevents them from diving for food.


Dorothy would make a great driver  in retirement.


They have 2 fully equipped operating rooms with turtle Vets on standby.


Some Sea Turtles can not be released back into the wild for various reasons. So there is a huge salt water pool where they live out the rest of their lives.

We have only seen one Sea Turtle on our trip so far. It was a quick glimpse as it came up for air and immediately dove out of sight.


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