Friends, old and new

We are meeting wonderful people on our adventure. There are so many great conversations. One of the things we enjoy most is getting a glimpse of their lives as we travel through it for a short time. The loop provides a chance to meet others with shared experiences and often times the conversation turns to activities related to a segment both have traveled and perspective both have had.

Dorothy and I love to talk to locals, People who live and work where we visit. Most are happy to share thoughts and opinions on things to see, places to eat, local politics, real estate, other people to meet and lately their Hurricane IRMA stories.

Key West bait and Tackle is one of those great local places. Their main business is fishing stuff but they have 6 bar stools and sell beer. The local charter fisherman hang there and can make purchases on account like the old days.


Here we are just hanging out in Andy’s back yard in Old Key West.


Guy deBoer started the Konk Life newspaper and was great to talk to about local happenings. We met him on the “BENCH” which is where locals gather to talk and listen to music across the street from the Green Parrot.



Sailing friends Tom and Laura had us over to their house for a great snapper dinner.


Jennifer and Billy spent a couple of days with us on the boat.


A couple of tourist photos we took because you have to.


thumbnail (1)

The Catman preforming at Mallory Square is crazy. He is a  must see when you visit. I think he crazy smart because he has developed his act into a marketing marvel, selling stickers, t-shirts and CD’s while taking tips from the crowd. We watched people throw 20 dollar bills into his bucket.

thumbnail (2)

A sunset photo from a different angle


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