Key West Part II

Foodie update! We do eat locally several times a week, but I do not take pictures of everything, just the outstanding or different ones. The first picture is Hogfish from the Hogfish grill on Stock Island. A really light flaky fish that melts in your mouth.


Best Shrimp and Grits, the quest continues. This entry is from Blue Heaven in Key West. The shrimp was very good and tender. The scallops added a nice flavor to the grits. The consistency of the grits was just OK, still smooth but lacking something. They used white cheddar cheese on the grits which was a little stringy. I think I like Gouda cheese better for flavor on my grits.


We are experiencing new forms of wildlife. I finally got to see my first Manatee. This one was swimming around in the marina. These things have no fear of anything. Very slow moving, you could even call it graceful. Manatees are very protected in Florida, no feeding, touching, watering (they like fresh water and some people will run their hose to attract them) and boats must avoid them at all costs.


Dorothy breaking the rules as usual, touching the Manatee. Their skin is soft and fatty.


Iguanas are everywhere in the Keys. They are as bad as rabbits and deer in the north. They eat all the good plants in garden and landscaping. Homeowners even plant Iguana resistant plants. It is legal and encouraged to kill these things. We saw this one riding our bikes the other day, he was about 4′ long.


I had another fishing lesson. This time 30 miles out into the Atlantic. We were after Tuna this time and trolled with several lines out. We found tuna and reeled 2 keepers in, then things went bad. We would get a fish on and then all of sudden something started to take it straight to the bottom. This happened several times then we saw the culprit. Dolphins (Porpoise) were grabbing the hooked fish and running with them and we came up empty. We moved to a couple other areas but there was not much else out there.


I have one more Key West installment to post talking about some of the people we have met. For now here is your Sunset photo.


2 thoughts on “Key West Part II

  1. Thanks for the update.

    Sounds like red snapper was taking your bate to the bottom. I was out fishing in Mexico a number of years ago with some really good fisherman and they were able to catch one you have to be really really fast or they take your line to the bottom go under a rock and break your line so fact you can not even believe it.


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