The Panhandle in Pictures

The Florida “Panhandle in Pictures” is a effort to catch up a little on our blog.

In Pensacola, FL we saw this ship undergoing some renovations. Turns out its going to be used for hauling around the platforms on which the Space X boosters land. The platforms are carried inside the ship until they are on location then slid out the back into the water.


I did not have the guts to read the ingredients on the back.


More friends, SOCIABLE crew, came to visit us in Panama City. Bob, Dorothy, Clay and I had a wonderful dinner at The Grand Marlin restaurant.


Panama City harbor clean up after the Hurricane Michael. I overheard the Tow boat Captain say, “I’m out fishing for sailboats”


We saw a lot of destruction between Panama City and Mexico Beach. Many peoples lives were put through the washing machine spin cycle. Roofs torn off houses, now are covered with blue tarps. Boats washed up on dry land or barely sticking out of the water. Whole forests of trees snapped off around 30 feet from the ground go on for miles.  It was hard to see the power of Mother Nature’s aftermath. On a positive note many people were working to clean up and rebuild the area, businesses were open and hopefully we helped a little by spending money in the area.

Cruising along the Inter Coastal Waterway heading to Apalachicola


Apalachcola, FL is a great small town full of history. Once an vibrant Oyster harvesting community until the bay was over harvested. The Hole in the Wall is a nice little local bar and restaurant, after 5 minutes they made us feel like a local. The fresh Oysters from Cedar Key were so good.


Artsy photos from around town


If you know my past, I used to be in the Packaged Ice business. So it was kind of fun to see were it all started. The museum was closed, bummer.


Found this cemetery on our walk about town. Its was very interesting reading the head stones. Some graves dating back to the early 1800’s



Instead of a sunset picture to close the blog. A fellow Looper the next dock over played his pipes for sunset. Video is rough but the sound is good.

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