Fort McRee anchorage

Next stop, Fort McRee anchorage near Pensacola, FL. A very well protected deep water anchorage surrounded by sandy beaches. We anchored for 2 nights and just relaxed the whole time.

The brand new steadying sail was hoisted and toasted. It will keep us from swinging at anchor, plus it just looks cool.  Launching the dingy allowed us access to the gulf beach. We explored the ruins of Ft McRee, only some concrete foundations are left of this fort which started construction in 1834 following the War of 1812. After climbing around the fort  we walked a couple of miles down the beach. There are some remains of hurricane Micheal washed up on shore and we picked up trash as we went. A lot of seashells and one really good sand dollar souvenir made its way back to the boat. The Blue Angels put on an airshow just for us several times each day.  Our sun downer entertainment was performed by a pod of dolphins having an evening romp in the bay.

Just a perfect stop to recharge our soles.







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