Fun in Fairhope, AL

We pulled into Fairhope Yacht Club at the invitation of a wonderful couple we met at our Club in Milwaukee, South Shore Yacht Club. Mikeal and Joel were spending this past summer visiting their son Alex who is Stationed at USCG Sector Lake Michigan, Station Milwaukee. Joel also happened to be a fan of Grand Banks yachts. We told them of our plans for doing the Great Loop and they insisted we stop in Fairhope, AL. This is a  beautiful city with small town feel. Full of Southern Hospitality. main street was lit up for the holidays. It was the perfect place to spend a few days unwinding after being on the rivers for 8 weeks.

We were welcomed with open arms at Fairhope Yacht Club. Members introduced themselves and offered any help we might need including use of their cars for errands. great dinning and the sunset view’s from the porch are the best on Mobile bay.


We were invited into the home of Mikeal and Joel and their family for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast Southern Style. Menu included BBQ turkey, Jambalaya, greens, biscuits, sweet potatoes with pecans, and so much more. Mikeal made a beautiful Pumpkin cheesecake that was to die for.


Mikeal and Joel took us for a day trip on their boat TIMING IS EVERYTHING down the Intercoastal Waterway to see some local sights and do a little bar hopping.  First stop was the Flora-Bama a Music filled multi bar beach stop.



Dorothy had her first Bushwacker drink. A panhandle specialty rum ice cream drink and locals order it with a “topper” (a shot of 151 rum on top).


Another stop at Pirates Cove in the afternoon for a burger and another Bushwacker with a topper. O’BOY, I do not have a photo for you because no cameras were allowed.

“Good friends, FUN, boats and water is a great recipe for living life. ” a little rum helps also.

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