Picture Postcard

This is the most AWESOME spot so far in our travels on the Loop.

It pays to talk to the locals wherever you go. They will always give up some tidbit of local knowledge. In this case a little known anchorage with plenty of water depth and good holding for the anchor. So we just had to check the little cove out.  The waterfall is so beautiful with the fall colors of the trees. I wish everyone reading this blog could experience this with us.

I find myself standing outside trying to soak up as much of this place as possible. All of your senses are impacted; the sound of the waterfall and birds, the view is spectacular, the crisp fresh smell of Fall, and the warmth of the sun as it passes overhead. As far as taste, I didn’t drink the water, but dinner on the grill was pretty good.

Picture postcard 1Waterfall Nov 6, 2018.jpg

A little bit of Paradise in Tennessee!




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