Its been a little while since an update on our progress, so this post should catch you up. We have managed to slow down on our trip. So far we are meeting our goal of 50% in a marina and 50% at anchor. Both have their pluses, Marinas offer all the amenities of home and the socialization of other boaters, while the beauty and peacefulness in an secluded anchorage is awesome. Dorothy and I have been adapting to both lifestyles.

On Halloween at Green Turtle Bay Marina we had Trick or Treaters knock on the Door. Thank goodness we were prepared with treats because who knows what tricks they might have done to the boat in the night.


After leaving green Turtle Bay we headed south on the Tennessee River which is going upstream against a 1.5 knot current. The commercial traffic has scaled back quite a bit in both size and frequency. Believe it or not Mulch seems to be the majority of the product we have seen lately. We stopped for the night in a nice little anchorage called Standing Rock Cove. The fall colors are spectacular.


The next stop was Pebble Isle Marina where we had our old neighbors from the old  Fairy Chasm neighborhood stop by.  I may have said this before one of the things we miss the most when we sold our house was our wonderful neighbors. Paul and Grace were driving back from a road trip in the south and came to see us. They even stayed on the boat overnight. So much fun catching up and consuming a little wine.


The next night we traveled up the Tennessee River to Double Island anchorage. One of the best so far with Owls talking to each other and Coyotes having a party on the shore. Again the stars were screaming at us with brilliance (I really need to work on my constellations).


Up the river we go, the current is increasing as we get closer to the Pickwick dam and lock.  The 4 knot current slowed us down going up river, however, the Tows down bound with barges go screaming by us.  We anchored above the lock in Slate Rock Creek at Pickwick Lake State Park. A sunset photo with some rain clouds that just passed.


We went for a hike today in the State Park. Our boat SEASONS at anchor.


A couple of other photos along the way.

Train bridge to nowhere. Thinking it might be a bad movie ending.



Ready for the 100 year flood. This house had to be 40 feet in the air on concrete pillars.


Someone was expecting a little rough weather.


We are having FUN!



2 thoughts on “Tennessee!

  1. Hi you two. There are apps like sky guide for ipad that show you constellations when you point the ipad at the sky. Travel safe. Linda


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