Checking items on the List

Saturday October 27, 2018

Today marks 4 weeks since we started our adventure from our homeport of Milwaukee, WI. We are in Green Turtle Bay Resort located in Grand Rivers, KY. we are here for a week. Dorothy and I have been working to get to this point. We are off the major rivers loaded with current, debris, and commercial traffic. Time to relax, complete a few projects and explore the area.

We finally caught our friends Glyn and Laura Livermore from Milwaukee. They are taking their sailboat PEREGRINE south and then eventually across the Atlantic Ocean.

So the checklist so far:

  • Passed on the 1 whistle
  • Passed on the 2 whistle
  • Pulled over for a tow to pass
  • Locked down
  • Locked up
  • Entered a lock backwards
  • Gone over a wicket dam
  • Raised bridges
  • Anchored out
  • Used a stern anchor
  • Played dodge a log
  • Hit a log
  • Observed diving markers
  • Motored with a 7 knot current push
  • Spent the night in a 1870 lock
  • Passed the western most point on the Loop
  • Organized a gathering of Loopers
  • Enjoyed Docktails
  • Exchanged boat cards
  • Observed a great deal of wildlife
  • Baked cookies underway
  • Taken free rides from locals
  • Guests onboard for dinner
  • Guests onboard overnight

And best of all meeting some fantastic people along the way. Some of the Loopers we are starting to see quite a bit as we leap frog each other and build friendships.



Docktails in Paducah, KY


Friends Glyn and Laura Livermore with Sean from Milwaukee, WI. They are traveling south on sailboats.


Friends, Keith and Melinda Acree came to stay overnight on the boat.


One of my missions on this trip is to find the best Shrimp and Grits. I ordered it in Green Turtle Bay last night. It was just OK. Shrimp were done well with good flavor, but the grits were grainy and cooked a little to long.


2 thoughts on “Checking items on the List

  1. Hey Brian and Dorothy,  We are thoroughly enjoying your posts and traveling vicariously through you!  Sound like you’re having quite an adventure.   We rented a houseboat a few years ago from Green Turtle Bay and spent a week on Kentucky Lake.  Beautiful area.   After spending time on the Mississippi last fall on our whaler, we can appreciate your stories about locking.   Lots of commercial traffic this time of year.  Fortunately we didn’t have the high waters and rapid currents.  Best of luck to you.   Looking forward to future posts!   Say hello to Glyn and Laura. R.C. and Jamie

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