Sounds in the Night

If you like owls hooting, coyotes howling, splashing noises on the riverbank, and the low sound of a tow barge going by in the night then anchoring just off the Illinois River is for you. Stars in the night sky really do not make any sound, but they were screaming at us with brightness. The tows sound like a railroad locomotive engines without horns, squeaky wheels, and clickty clacks of the wheels.

We did our first anchoring behind Quiver Island at mile 121. Dorothy and I had not really practiced anchoring before, so there was a short learning curve in communications. We use wireless headsets when docking and anchoring so we can talk calmly without yelling.  However we did raise our voices a couple of times which is hilarious because the sound is amplified in our ears.

The first of many peaceful nights on the hook.


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